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SwitchSmart - what is it about?

SwitchSmart is a hardware- and software project, focused on (radio controlled) home automation - (re)using existing hardware such as smart-phones, routers, radio controlled power sockets / -switches, etc.

The project enables you to control various kinds of remote controlled power sockets and switches - found for cheap in usual hardware stores - via your smartphone or your computer.

It is meant to be as compatible as possible to existing projects, solutions and components - support for further platforms and devices, as well as compatibility to similar projects, like Ethersex, fhem, etc. is going to be worked on / added (soon).

In short:

  • How does it look like?
    -> UIs
  • How's the project structured, especially from a technical point of view?
    -> SwitchSmart model.
  • Where's the source code and how is it getting built?
    -> Source.
  • What platforms / boards are supported? How do I get it running with my very own?
    -> Platforms
  • Contact? I wanna make contact!
    -> Contact

Some random pictures illustrating the project:

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